Metal Staircases

Metal Staircases

Solidity, simplicity of lines and modern style are usually the features that come to mind, when thinking about stairs manufactured from steel. However, contemporary interior designers and architects have managed to employ the material in even the most unorthodox, surprising forms and projects which seem to bend the laws of physics. You can find in our offer a number of such metal staircases, which found their place in the most elegant and original London homes, apartments and flats.

Numerous advantages

Metal staircases are a perfect combination of practicality and elegance. Thanks to advanced technology used, they can take virtually any form and follow any line you have in your mind. At the same time the stairs do not lose anything of their original solidity and durability over the years. That is why they are perfect for anyone looking for all or just one of such features, as:

  • originality,
  • sophisticated elegance,
  • durability,
  • safety,
  • freedom of design.

For the outside and the inside

Quite often metal staircases are associated with their use outside of buildings. It is true, that thanks to their resistance to diverse weather conditions, even the harshest ones, they are an ideal choice as exterior stairs. However, skilfully designed and elegantly manufactured, they offer vast possibilities in terms of interior design as well.

They have proven to be a very interesting choice for lofts, contemporary London flats as well as more traditional interiors, which try to include a bit of modernism into the space.

Interesting blend of materials

For the most bold projects and extravagant ideas, stairs manufactured only from e.g. steel really do the trick. However, for more toned down interiors and projects, designers try to blend it with other materials. Which is why metal staircases usually have smaller or larger details made from timber and glass, as they have proven to fit in perfectly with cold, strong aesthetic side of e.g. steel.

As a result a number of projects of helical, spiral or other stairs are in fact a mixture of several different materials. It also increases the diversity of metal staircases, which thus can be installed in a variety of interiors.

Invest in quality stairs

Metal staircases have a number of loyal enthusiast around the world – not only in London. The best, the most creative designers and architects have included them in their projects of public, private interiors or office space. So if you are interested in stairs which are at the same time fashionable and practical, contact our experts and let us prepare for you a bespoke project for your building.