Spiral Staircases

Spiral Staircases http://staircaseslondon.co.uk/stairs/spiral-staircases/
Spiral Staircases http://staircaseslondon.co.uk/stairs/spiral-staircases/

It is mostly valued for its space-saving design but the list of its advantages is much longer and diverse. A well-designed glass spiral staircase will fit both classic and modern interiors and it can become a focal point of any living room. What is more, it is elegant and beautiful in its simplicity and clean lines, thus can be installed in even the most sophisticated space. The range of potential designs, sizes and solutions is virtually unlimited, so you can choose the right one for your space.

Freedom of design

Our bespoke glass spiral staircase can be designed according to your expectations. You can choose from a broad range of solutions and combine wood, metal and glass to create your desired stairs. Usually, we recommend wooden projects for more traditional space. However, we have completed several orders for urban-styled projects from metal, which are now installed in the most classic space.

You can let your imagination go wild and ask us to prepare visionary, innovative lines to suit your taste. Naturally, each project of glass spiral staircase is adjusted to spatial possibilities individually, thus you always get the exact solution you were looking for – combining selected aesthetic idea and practicality.

Inside or outside?

A set of glass spiral staircase with the right design will also make for a stunning external stairs. For such application stainless metal treads are suggested, as they will withstand even the harshest weather conditions, including low and high temperatures, strong wind, snow and others. At that, they will not lose any of their initial elegance and beauty. They will continue to be highly interesting element of your terrace or garden and will not take too much of your precious space. Which proves, they are as versatile as no other type of stairs.

Ask your questions!

Browse our gallery of excellent glass spiral staircase solutions and decide on your own breathtaking solution. Naturally, these are just examples of our work – your stairs can be very different if you’d like. In order to precisely fulfil your expectations towards our work we will gladly transform, redesign every project you might be interested in and adjust it to your vision.

Feel free to call us or write us an e-mail in case any questions might arise when you browse our offer.